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Wiped−Film Molecular (Short−Path) Still

Wiped−Film Molecular (Short−Path) Still
The molecular distillation design is selected for when the distillate is of high boiling point and/or extremely heat sensitive. High vacuum (to 0.001 torr) and a close proximity internal condenser are utilized.

Separate, evaporate, concentrate or purify by using the superior processf short residence time, at a lower temperature, without degradation of your heat−sensitive material with the wiped−film technique. Examples of configurations for either distillation, evaporation or concentration are shown.

Definition of Molecular Distillation:

  1. Distillation that is carried out under a high vacuum in an apparatus so designed as to permit molecules escaping from the warm liquid to reach the cooled surface of the condenser before colliding with other molecules and consequently returning to the liquid and that is used in the purification of substances of low volatility.
  2. Vacuum distillation in which the molecules of the distillate reach the condenser before colliding with one another.
  3. Distillation in which a substance is heated under vacuum, the pressure being so low that no intermolecular collisions can occur before condensation

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Based on Equipment Size
Diameter (inches) Surface Area (sq. feet) Surface Area (sq. meters) Typical Flow Rates (kg/hr), Application Dependent
2 0.35 0.033 0.1 − 3
4 1.16 0.108 1.0 − 20
6 2.35 0.218 2.0 −40
9 5.30 0.49 10 − 100
12 10.50 0.98 20 − 200
20 25.00 2.32 50 − 450
20 37.50 3.48 80 − 700



Pope Scientific

Pope Scientific manufacxtures wiped-film short path molecular stills for the the marijuana industry for cannabis distillation, including hemp oil distillation and terpene recovery after extraction.