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Ultra−Low Temperature Circulator Thermo Scientific − -1.79E+11

Thermo Scientific ™ Ultra−Low Temperature Circulators meet a variety of application needs. The ULT baths are designed primarily to circulate to external closed loop applications. Featuring ultra−low temperatures down to -80℃ or -90℃, the ULTs have digital displays for simple operation.

ULT−95 Model

  • Ultralow temperatures to meet application needs (down to −90℃)
  • Fast cooling with up to 800w to minimize time to setpoint
  • Unique sealed reservoir includes a dry nitrogen bleed port which prevents moisture buildup and keeps bath fluid dry

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Ensure a consistent and even temperature using circulating baths that continuously move heating/cooling water. Circulating baths support rapid heating or cooling of samples over a wide range of temperatures. Products include the Thermo Scientific™ A25 refrigerated bath circulator for efficient cooling, Thermo Scientific™ SAHARA Series S7 stainless-steel baths, which feature internal or external circulation, and Thermo Scientific™ SAHARA Acrylic S6T Heated Bath Circulators for applications requiring clear visibility.


Catalog number Product Size Temperature Range (Metric) Cooling Capacity Pump Capacity
179104241600 − 90 to −30℃ 350w cooling at −80℃
280w cooling at −80℃
16lpm (3.3gpm) at 0 ft. head, 21 ft. max.


Powerful cascaded refrigeration system achieves ultralow temperatures, maintains excellent temperature stability, and provides faster cooling rates and higher heat removal capacities at low temperatures.

  • Digital temperature controller and display
  • RS−232 and analog interface ports
  • Remote sensory capability
  • User−adjustable high/low−temperature safety

Additional information

Weight 375 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 33 × 48 in


Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific manufactures products which address a range of needs from sample, material characterization and chemical analysis to clinical diagnoses and biological-based therapeutics manufacturing.