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TAEevo Tech Mini

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TAEevo Tech Mini

Brand New Out of Box – TAEevo TECH MINI

Developed from the TAEevo range experience, the TAEevo TECH MINI has been greatly improved through important technical updates: new finned coil evaporator, strong structure with eyebolts and new advanced electronic controls. Everything is a perfect balance between high reliability, compact dimensions and high efficiency. Perfect for cooling smaller industrial processes.

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  • Innovative evaporator with finned pack and in-tank configuration, featuring low pressure drops and reduced sensitivity to fouling;
  • Refrigerant fluids (ODP=0) R134a (mod. M03) and R410A (mod. M05-10) ensuring higher performance thanks its outstanding heat conductivity;
  • Reinforced structure with eyebolts allows lifting the unit by means of straps with hooks;
  • Atmospheric pressure hydraulic circuit built with non-ferrous materials;
  • Water buffer tank in polyethylene equipped with a drain valve a water filling and overflow connections and a visual level indicator;
  • Safety water by-pass;
  • Advanced XR60CX microprocessor control;
  • General alarm free contact and remote ON / OFF digital input;
  • Easy installation, use and maintenance;
  • SEPR HT Tier2 compliant.

Additional information

Weight 220 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 26 × 34 in