Rotary Evaporator SH Scientific 50L

Rotary Evaporator can heat in constant−temperature and form film in negative pressure, simultaneously, it will evaporate hydrolytic enzymes to condense receiving. Specially is suitable for concentration, crystallization, separation, reclamation, etc.


The Sealing of the system is great, high vacuum degree, high evaporating rate, high recycling rate. The glass is made of GG−17 high quality silicon, with great function. The advanced converting−frequency digital speed as well as liable electrical adjustable speed to ensure great working condition.



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Model − SH−RE−50L

Ambient Temperature (℃) − 5 ~ 35

Speed Regulation of Main Machine − Digital Display, Variable Frequency, Stepless speed−regulation

Rotary Speed(RPM) − 20 ~ 130

Rotating Motor(W) − 250

Evaporating Capability(L/H) − Water >3.2 ; Alcohol 6.5

Achievable Vacuum(PA) − Below 399.9PA

Additional information

Weight 230 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 27 × 47 in


SH Scientific

SH Scientific manufactures pre & post extraction equipment such as decarb oven, vacuum oven, cold trap bath, rotary evaporator, glass reactor, short path kit, mantle and chiller.