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MCT Oil – 64 fl. oz

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Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil is a favored carrier oil within the cannabis industry, celebrated for its efficiency in cannabinoid delivery and versatility across products. Primarily sourced from coconut oil or palm kernel oil, MCT oil stands out due to its transparent appearance, neutral taste, and fast absorption rate. When amalgamated with cannabis extracts, it offers an optimal medium for the effective delivery of cannabinoids, becoming a pivotal ingredient in tinctures, capsules, topicals, and certain vape formulations.

  • Maintaining Fluidity: At room temperature, MCT oil retains a liquid consistency, which is beneficial for ensuring consistent dosing.
  • Storage Advice: To preserve its quality, MCT oil should be stored in a cool, dark location. Although it’s relatively stable, it can degrade with excessive light or heat exposure.
  • Sustainability Spotlight: Coconut-derived MCT oil is frequently deemed more sustainable than its palm kernel counterpart, considering the environmental issues linked with the palm oil industry.
  • Diverse Use Cases: Beyond its role in tinctures, MCT oil, when infused with cannabinoids, can be a prime ingredient in salves, creams, capsules, and a range of edible products.

Contains Caprylic & Capric Acid.  100%MCT Oil from Coconut/Palm Kennel Oil.

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FAQs about MCT Oil in Cannabis Extraction:

  1. Why is MCT oil a prevalent choice in the cannabis realm? MCT oil’s neutral profile, swift absorption into the bloodstream, and compatibility with various product formulations make it an indispensable carrier oil in the cannabis sector.
  2. Does MCT oil offer any health advantages? MCT oil is championed for several potential health benefits, including aiding in weight management, delivering a swift energy source, and bolstering cognitive function. Nevertheless, it’s pivotal to liaise with a healthcare professional before using it for therapeutic intentions.
  3. How does MCT oil integrate with cannabis concentrates? MCT oil acts as a diluent for cannabis concentrates, ensuring a more fluid consistency suitable for various applications, from oral to topical.
  4. Is it safe to vaporize MCT oil in vape pens? The use of MCT oil in vape cartridges is debated, with some concerns regarding lipid pneumonia. Always stay updated with recent research and make informed decisions.
  5. How does MCT oil compare with other carriers like hemp seed or olive oil? Each carrier oil boasts unique properties and benefits. MCT oil is often favored for its rapid absorption, making it a sought-after choice for quick and efficient cannabinoid delivery.

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