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Jarytherm® DBT− Heat Transfer Fluid

Jarytherm® DBT is a high-performance synthetic heat transfer fluid known for its outstanding thermal stability. It’s engineered specifically to function effectively over an extensive temperature range, maintaining its properties in both hot and cold environments. In the context of cannabis extraction, Jarytherm® DBT plays an integral role by ensuring precise temperature regulation, which is paramount for optimizing extraction efficiency, selectivity, and product quality.

  • Temperature Range: Jarytherm® DBT operates efficiently over a vast temperature range, which can span from as low as -20°C up to 330°C, making it versatile for various extraction techniques.
  • Oxidative Stability: Reduced oxidation rates translate to a longer fluid lifespan, translating to cost savings and consistent process conditions.
  • Applications: Beyond cannabis extraction, Jarytherm® DBT is widely employed in the chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, and food industries due to its reliable heat transfer properties.
  • Safety Protocols: Ensure the system is adequately sealed to prevent any leaks. Although Jarytherm® DBT is designed for safety, standard precautions when handling industrial fluids should be observed.

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FAQs about Jarytherm® DBT Heat Transfer Fluid in Cannabis Extraction:

  1. Why is Jarytherm® DBT chosen for cannabis extraction processes? Jarytherm® DBT offers high thermal stability and a broad operational temperature range, making it ideal for the intricate temperature needs of cannabis extraction processes.
  2. How does Jarytherm® DBT compare to other heat transfer fluids? This specialized fluid offers enhanced longevity, reduced oxidation rates, and remains stable under prolonged exposure to high temperatures, reducing the need for frequent fluid replacement and ensuring consistent performance.
  3. Is Jarytherm® DBT safe to use in cannabis extraction systems? Yes, when used as directed, Jarytherm® DBT is designed to remain within the closed-loop systems without any direct contact with the cannabis product. Any risk of contamination is minimal, making it a reliable choice for extraction processes.
  4. What maintenance is required when using Jarytherm® DBT as a heat transfer fluid? While Jarytherm® DBT is formulated for longevity, periodic monitoring of fluid condition is advisable. Over time, all heat transfer fluids may degrade, so regular checks for acidity and possible contaminants will ensure the system remains optimal.
  5. Can Jarytherm® DBT be mixed with other heat transfer fluids? It’s always recommended to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Mixing different heat transfer fluids can affect performance and stability, potentially compromising the extraction process.

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 15 in

5 Gal, 55 Gal