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Hybrid Wiped−Film/Fractionating Still Systems -22580

Customized Hybrid Fractionating Column systems combine the multi−plate efficiency of fractional columns with the gentle reboiling effect of Wiped−Film Evaporators. This proven Hybrid technology allows the purification of heat−sensitive materials similar in volatility, which could not otherwise be separated.

Available in glass, stainless steel, or alternative alloys, and from lab to pilot plant skid systems, and production process scales.

The name Hybrid Wiped−Film Distillation refers to a combination of the low thermal stress processing of Wiped−Film Distillation with the separation capabilities of a Packed Fractionating Column.

The Wiped−Film acts as a once−through, low thermal stress, low hold−up, partial reboiler for the distillation. The appropriate size and surface area of the Wiped Film Evaporator is determined by scale−up calculations based on distillation Pilot Plant trials. The important parameters for operation of the Wiped−Film Evaporator are:

  • Constant, controlled feed rate
  • Steady vacuum level
  • Steady evaporator temperature

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olumn Diameter
Operating Pressure Boil Up Rate(L/hr) Vapor Velocity(ft/sec) HETP
(Plate Height
Pressure Drop (Inches H20/ft)
2 atmospheric 3.7 0.35 1.77 0.12
2 atmospheric 15.5 1.46 2.10 1.70
2 (200 mm Hg) 1.05 0.31 0.79 0.23
2 (200 mm Hg) 11.15 3.20 1.33 5.23
2 (50 mm Hg) 4.6 4.70 0.92 2.54
6 atmospheric 37.0 040 1.66 0.18
6 atmospheric 146.0 1.60 2.57 2.86


Pope Scientific

Pope Scientific manufacxtures wiped-film short path molecular stills for the the marijuana industry for cannabis distillation, including hemp oil distillation and terpene recovery after extraction.