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Fractional Distillation: Continuous Mode Stills

Continuous Mode Stills

Fractional Distillation: Continuous Mode Stills

Used when large or continuous quantities of liquid are to be processed and/or when a very high level of purity is not required.

Typical Systems Include:

  • Precision metering feed pump.
  • Feed preheater section with feedback control.
  • Valve manifold for selection of feed point to distillation column.
  • Column section(s), pre−loaded with packing and required internals.
  • High efficiency condenser.
  • 3−way automatic reflux valve.
  • Distillate cooler and sight glass.
  • Distillate and Bottoms discharge pumps.
  • Reboiler with steam, electric or hot oil heating, level switch, vapor return to column, bottoms discharge port.
  • Bottoms cooler.
  • Control system − simple, PLC or pc−based.
  • Skid platform and support structure for system

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  • For purication, fractionation and solvent recovery
  • Batch or continuous congurations
  • Wide range of packings and internals, system designs and materials,including stain
    less steel, Hastelloy, glass, etc
  • Offered as: individual components,
    basic system or complete turn key engineered systems.


Pope Scientific

Pope Scientific manufacxtures wiped-film short path molecular stills for the the marijuana industry for cannabis distillation, including hemp oil distillation and terpene recovery after extraction.