Short Path Distillation G3X Kit

Introducing the all-new,  G3X series of short path distillation kit from Lab Society. We asked our customers, and they wanted one thing: increased output on a scale like never before, faster than ever before.
The largest installment of our G3 Series is finally available. We built the most comprehensive, turn-key solution for short path ever brought to market.




The G3X system features a single headed full bore configuration with a silvered 45mm bore distillation head and 34mm discharge port  for maximum throughput.

Includes innovations like the angled vacuum take off valves at both the swing arm collection port and the secondary collection port, giving users the ability to isolate collected fraction, collect larger volumes, and collect a virtually unlimited amount of fractions. Secondary cold finger condenser for use with jacketed condenser, hot condenser, or for high efficiency collection within system.


Lab Society

Lab Society is an end-to-end solution and product provider of laboratory equipment.

Additional information

Weight 130 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 48 × 30 in



5L, 12L, 20L