EcoChyll X5 208-240v, 1 Phase, 10 amps

Reduces distillation time, increases productivity
  • Tankless design—no water, dry ice, or antifreeze required for cooling
  • Vertical high−speed evaporation avoids bumping
  • Easily drain product without removing large evaporation vessel
  • Eliminates expensive rotary motor with overhead stirring
  • All glassware is stationary

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The EcoChyll® X5 turnkey evaporator system is ideal for industrial−scale operations. A tankless refrigeration unit features a chemical−resistant metal condenser which can reach −20 to −30℃ within three to five minutes. Its cooling capacity at −30℃ is 5680 BTU per hour at 90°F ambient. No water or antifreeze is required for cooling making it safer than traditional evaporators by preventing frostbite and exposure to CO2. The highly efficient double−loop metal coil condenser prevents vapors from escaping into the vacuum pump and the environment.

This revolutionary tankless cooling technology works faster and at a higher capacity than traditional rotary evaporators, allowing you to reduce distillation time, increase productivity, save money, and focus on more complex tasks. The tankless condenser unit is also sold separately.



Ecodyst is the innovative leader and creator of the next generation of rotary evaporators used by chemists and researchers in laboratories and commercial settings.