Cold Trap Dual Inline Kit -KF-25

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Our Dual Inline Cold Trap Kit provides superior performance over a single cold trap alone.

Having two high-efficiency cold traps in tandem allows vapor that makes it past the first cold trap to be caught and condensed in the second cold trap before reaching your pump. This helps aid in the reduction of contamination reaching your pump and will keep your pump running smoother and longer without having to change the oil as often.

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  • Easily connect your kit to KF-25 connections via the PTFE inner adapters for a superior seal.
  • Easily monitor your vacuum depth via the upper outer 24/40 joint/strong>
  • Able to handle cooling coils up to 3 in

The design of the cold trap kit ensures that vapor has the maximum surface area, and ability to cool and condense before it would reach your vacuum pump.


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