Cold Trap – Dewar Style Vacuum Trap Kit

Raising the Bar for Cold Trap Kits
This Cold Trap Kit from Lab Society features a Dewar-style cold finger condenser. It has a large opening at the top for use with dry ice, acetone, liquid nitrogen, or similar solvents with a low melting point.

The large amount of cooling surface area of this cold trap kit makes it well-suited for high-volume solvent removal, as well as for the retention of collected volatiles.

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We believe our LS cold trap kits and vacuum traps are the new gold standard in the industry.

Made right here in America, our custom glassware was designed to raise the bar in your lab.

Rugged, with stainless steel components and the finest glassware.
We’ve put each component of this kit through rigorous testing. We don’t put our name on a product until it meets the highest standards on the market, and we’re constantly refining and improving our vacuum traps based on user feedback.


American-made, borosilicate glass
Stainless steel components
Perfect for high-volume solvent removal
Protects your vacuum pumps from unwanted condensation


Lab Society

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