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    At Blaze Lab Solutions, we offer state of the art refrigerators for the laboratories. As refrigerators are essential for labs and a lot depends on their quality, we make sure your lab gets nothing but the best. For this purpose, we source refrigerators from reputed brands only. In our more than six decades of operation, we have provided solutions to several labs, and refrigerators are one of the major ingredients of our full range of solutions. As different businesses could have different requirements, we have a wide range of refrigerators to provide you options. You can select from the solid door, glass door, under counter and walk-in refrigerators from different brands.

    Since our inception in 1955, we are taking care of the diverse needs of labs in California. You can request a quote from us, for your chosen refrigerator and we promise we will reply to you with the lowest prices in the shortest turnaround time.